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why stake with rocky mountain?


Over 30 years of experience managing and innovating in IT


Secure network assures solid pool performance


High availability infrastructure means no missed blocks

98% to you

Low fees mean you earn a solid ROI  -  only 1.99% staking fee

Hi, I'm Ken and this is my Stake Pool. I've spent a career leading digital transformation for global organizations, but it's time to support a greater cause and explore more of the open road on my Victory Cross Country.  So I've given up the suit for more work/life balance and I'm all in on Cardano. You've chosen wisely to invest in the best network in crypto, now take a ride with Rocky Mountain and contribute to the security and decentralization of Cardano while enjoying  risk free returns.

About Rocky Mountain

Ticker: ROCKY

Situated in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is a great spot to run a stake pool. A low cost and stable power grid means Rocky Mountain Staking is efficient and reliable. To show our commitment to the decentralization of Cardano we run our own infrastructure and stay away from the big crowded cloud providers. Cardano is a global network and Rocky Mountain will be staking Cardano here for many years to come.

Centralization is out!

I've developed software, built data centers and run a 24/7 operation. But that's old news. With Cardano we are kicking off a new age of decentralization - one where the entire community has a voice and delegation can be taken away as quickly as it is given. Community consensus is in and centralized thinking is....well...obsolete.

These are the people I love and my reason for supporting Cardano. Let's build a better future for our families and give them better financial and social systems....across the globe!

Rocky Mountain Staking is committed to keeping energy costs down. Not only does a low power network help our planet, it helps to keep staking fees at a minimum. With Cardano, we can validate transactions on the network with the power draw of a single light bulb AND be as secure as Bitcoin. Now that's bright thinking!


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Change is constant and like these old bikes we need to refresh to keep up.

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